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Best Tabbed Content Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Post Tabs PRO allows you to show content in tabs on a WordPress site. Apart from the basic tab system, this PRO version is having lot many advance features and pre-styled skins to create stylish tabbed content in no time. This content itself is inside a tab created using WordPress Post Tabs PRO only where you can see different type of content in the tabs provided above.

Showing content in tab format is beneficial in so many terms. It allows you (the publisher) to provide more information in single readable page. As you know the visitors are more active when they are reading the content above the fold. By using tabs, you can utilize the ‘above the fold’ area at its max and allow your reader/visitors to get more information without scrolling much.With features like Nested Tabs, Scroll to Active, HTML including image in Tab title, Multiple Effects for tab content, External link in tab title, on-click and on-hover transition and many more, you can create an effective and stylish content area. Get this PRO tab plugin today and change the way how your content looks because small changes may make big difference.

This is a default WordPress Gallery attached inside the tab content by using [ gallery ] shortcode.

You can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other hosting sites by using the IFRAME code inside the tab content area of the shortcode. Resize the video by changing parameters in embed code and even can have texts beside the video by using proper HTML tags/CSS.

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I am ready, now take the picture.


Waiting for someone special.


I am a dog too. Just kidding!


Hey you, It really cold here.


Believe me, I am a responsible dog.


I am looking at you.

Slider is created with the Roster Slider WordPress plugin from SliderVilla.

First NameLast NameZipBirthdayPoints

Table is created with the TablePress plugin available in WordPress Plugin Repository for free.

Multiple Skins to Choose From


WordPress Post Tabs PRO comes with 12 pre-defined stylish skins to show tabbed content. Select and implement tab style according to your site’s design or installed theme’s skin color.

Create Own Skin using Skins Editor

Tabs PRO comes with Skin Editor sub-menu whcih allows you to edit or customize the skin colors from admin panel only. Set the tab title background or color or mouse-hover color and change the tabbed content area background etc. from panel itself. It helps in customizing tabs as per your installed theme.


External Links as Tab Title

Content related to Overview

Detailed review of the product

In a tab set, you can have multiple tab titles as external or internal links to pages. For example, on a review site, you can have the last tab as the link to the product’s site e.g. Amazon.

Front-End Features

Designer Tabs

12 Skins provided with the Tabs PRO. All skins are stylish and elegant and look awesome on front-end.

Utilize Above The Fold Area

Above the Fold area which appears without scroll is the most visible area of a webpage. Using Tabs PRO, you can utilize that area effectively by showing more content inside a tab.

Next/Previous Buttons

No need to click on the tab title to open another tab as Tabs PRO is having Next/Previous buttons as well.

Responsive Design

Tab navigation panel and content, both areas are responsive and will adjust to the width of the display screens. It looks best on iPhone, iPad and other devices as well.

External Link as Tab Title

Provide external link as the title of the tab and select to show external link icon beside the link.

Top – Bottom – Left – Right Tab

With Tabs PRO, you can place tabs top position i.e. above the content, at the bottom of the content. Tabs can also appear in left and right side of the content area.

Other Important Front-End features:

  • Tab content area auto adjusts to the height of the content
  • Linkable Tab Titles
  • SEO optimized and everything indexable for Google or other search engines
  • Use an Image as the Tab Title
  • Auto Sliding Tab Content Area

Dashboard Features – Post Tabs PRO Settings

Smart QuickTag Button

Insert Tabs inside a page or post content using QuickTag. YOu can select skin, width, effect and many other options on Smart QuickTag window.

Powerful Shortcode

All Tabs can have different skin and effects as you can control these from shortcode parameters.

Easy to Add Tab Content

Tab Title and corresponding tab contents are placed beside each other and it makes very easy to add or maintain tab title and content.

Skin Editor

Change Active Tab Color, Background Color, Non-active Tab Color and create your own skin from dashboard using color picker

Optimized loading of JS and CSS

The JS and CSS files related to Post Tabs PRO will load only on those pages where tabs are embedded.

No Branding

There is no branding of TabberVilla on the admin area of Post Tabs PRO.

Other Important Front-End features:

  • On-hover transition, Hover mouse on tab title to see the content
  • Enable or Disable Navigation buttons
  • Show external link icon beside the link as title
  • Enable page reload on click on tab name
  • Add tabbed content from custom post type
  • Export/Import Settings Set to same domain or other domains (test to live environment)

Easy Implementation


It is very easy to embed the slider inside post/page content. For example, [[dboxrecent]] will embed a Dbox Slider with recently published posts (auto fetched).

Template Tags

Inside PHP files like theme files, easily insert the template tag to get the slider at your desired location on the installed theme. Read more about the template tags on Knowledge Base page.


Drag and drop Dbox Slider widgets like Custom Slider, Category Slider and Recent Post Slider and choose the settings set to apply to that widget.

Guaranteed Support

Premium Support Forum

After purchase, you get access to our premium support forum. We are always available on that forum and you can expect a reply within couple of hours (sometimes in minutes).

24×7 Email

We also provide support through email. Just fill up this contact form to send us an email and our support team will reply within in next few hours.


We have started providing support through Twitter and Facebook as well. Follow us on our Twitter handle and FB page and you can support over there as well.

Knowledge Base of Dbox Slider – We keep all the documentations and tutorials related to Dbox Slider on its dedicated page on SliderVilla Knowledge Base. It contains FAQ, Installation guides, Embed options, Screenshots, Videos etc. related to the slider over there. Go to the Knowledge Base


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