Extended License of TabberVilla Plugins

TabberVilla Plugins are available with regular license, multiple site license and extended license. You can to purchase the license as per your choice and use the plugin accordingly.

Here we would like to let you know the meaning of TabberVilla Extended License i.e. what you can do with the plugin that you have purchased with extended license and what is not allowed with that license in hand.

What is extended license of TabberVilla Plugins?

If you have purchased the extended license of any of our product (WordPress Plugin), you are allowed to do the following,

  • Integrate our tabber and menu plugins in any of your commercial WordPress theme template
  • You can sell WordPress theme with TabberVilla plugin slideshow as an option. TabberVilla plugin must NOT be sold as a plugin or part of a plugin. For example, if you want to use the extended license of WordPress Post Tabs with your commercial WordPress theme then WordPress Post Tabs should not be there as a plugin but as an integrated tabber or menu of the theme.
  • Support restricted to TabberVilla plugin’s license holder

Any restrictions on Extended License? What is not allowed to do?

  • Tabber and Menu Plugins purchased under Extended License or regular license may NOT be redistributed or resold “as-is” or as part of any collection of plugins.
  • You are not allowed to upload the Tabber and Menu plugin Folder  (zip or unzipped or any other format) on places to let others download that for free or paid.

Extended License is for WordPress Theme developers who like to have a nice tabber and menu in their Theme template. You are allowed to use the different tabber and menu plugins on TabberVilla in your theme template as as integrated part of the theme and let your users enjoy the features and benefit of awesome plugins on TabberVilla.

– Thanks

TabberVilla Team