Specially in digital world, purchasing a product means purchasing a license. There are may be different kind of licensing terms and based of them you will be charged by the company. In similar manner, every product listed on TabberVilla comes with different kind of licensing. Here we sell products in three kind of licensing. Here are the details about different licensing on TabberVilla.

  • Regular License
  • Extended License
  • Personal License

1. Regular License – In short, this license means you can use the product in one of your project or work taken for clients, but not eligible to resale the product in any medium. Regular License means, you are allowed to use the purchased Tabber and Menu on Single Domain, or Single Sub-domain. You can purchase multisite license of tabber and menu plugin can install the tabber and menu plugin on multiple sites (up to the number mentioned on the purchase page). Currently we are providing multisite license for few products for using the tabber and menu plugin on up to 10 websites. Kindly check whether you are purchasing single domain license or multisite license for the product.

2. Extended License – You can use our product in any of your larger work and sale that. For example, you can sale a theme template with our tabber and menu plugin if you have purchased an Extended License of the product. But you are not allowed to only resale the product purchased from us. That means, the tabber and menu plugins listed on TabberVilla are and will be the property of the TabberVilla owners only. Read more about Extended License on TabberVilla.

3. Personal License – This type of license means the product is not going to be visible at any point to public but will remain only with you. You are the only person who is going to use and see the product on your computer only.

Note: Currently we do not provide Personal License of any tabber and menu plugin on TabberVilla. In most cases, we provide Regular License for listed price on the tabber and menu plugin Pages. If you want Extended License for any tabber and menu plugin, Kindly Contact Us to get the price quote for Extended License.