Q. Didn’t get the email with download link after complete Payment, What to do?

A. Sometimes the email with download link delays or fails to deliver because of network or server issues. In case you do not receive the email with download link within 10 minutes of purchase, kindly contact us through the form with payment details. We will send you the download link on priority.

Q. What the payment options available on TabberVilla?

A. Currently we receive payment through secured PayPal gateway. You can use your PayPal account or Credit Card to make payment through that gateway.

Q. Is it secured enough to make payment for Tabbers and Menu on TabberVilla?

A. We are using one of the most secured gateway for receiving payments. PayPal is world recognized and safest payment gateway. Once you will checkout from TabberVilla, you will be taken to the secured PayPal page where you can make the payment with peace of mind.

Q: I have purchased a Premium Plugin like WordPress Post Tabs PRO, where do I find the Installation Guide/Documentation?

A: Once you download the plugin (which would be a zip file) => Unzip the file => You will get the Premium Plugin Folder => open the Folder => go to ‘usage-guide’ folder => You will find ‘guide.html’

Open the file using any web browser (as it is a normal HTML file). You would find Installation Instruction, Documentation details with usage instructions and a few usage related FAQs there.

You can also browse the guide online which is available as TabberVilla Knowledge Base.

Q. Is there any recurring charges for Tabbers and Menu plugins  available on TabberVilla?

A. No. All the tabber and menu plugins listed on TabberVilla are available on one time payment. That means, you just have to pay for one time for one tabber or menu or you can add multiple tabber and menu plugins in cart and checkout. After the completion of payment process, you will receive the download link through email. Open the download link provided in the email and you can see all your purchased tabbers and menu plugins available to download with the receipt of the payment. That’s It, we are not going to charge your account any recurring fees for using those tabbers and men plugin.

Q. Download link on the receipt page is not working?

A. To prevent the misuse of download links, we limit the number of downloads from that link to 6. That means you will be able to download the product only 6 times by using the download link provided in email. If you need that product after that limit, you can contact us. We will verify your previous payment details and will send you the file through email without any delay. I hope you will understand the reason behind this restriction. It is not for genuine buyers but for those who may misuse the download link by sharing that with others.

Q. Are you going to release future upgrades for Plugins? How can I get the upgrades for purchased plugins?

A. Yes, we will release upgrades for plugins listed on TabberVilla in case we find issues. We will send you a notification email about the availability of the upgrade for plugins that you have purchased. You can use the same download link provided at the time of purchase and download the latest version from our server Or you can contact us with purchase details and we will send you the latest copy through email.

Q. How can I receive updates about new releases on TabberVilla?

A. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and keep reading our blog to get updates about existing tabbers and menu plugins and about the future releases. We will try to post the sneak peek for upcoming tabbers and menu plugins as well.

Q. I am from India and PayPal is not accepting payment from Indian Customers. How do I purchase a tabber and menu plugins from TabberVilla?

A. Because of the payment restrictions from PayPal, Indian buyers are not able to make payment for the tabber and menu plugins. We arrange wire transfer for Indian buyers to complete the payment for the tabber and menu plugin and send the plugin zip file manually after confirmation of the payment. To get the Wire-Transfer details (e.g. Account Number, IFSC Code etc.), kindly contact us.