Show Any Widget inside a Tab in WordPress and Save Space

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In order to perform specific functions for WordPress, widget is very useful. The user can easily change the design and structure of the WordPress theme by using the widgets. One is able to add contents and features in the widgetized  area of the screen which is mostly the sidebar. Mostly the WordPress Plugins that are used add their own widgets. There are various WordPress Plugins available that will guarantee you to show various functions inside the Widget area. Widgets can be considered as one of the best feature of WordPress.

Among so many WordPress Plugins that are available one of the best plugin that will guarantee you to show posts and categories inside the widget is the WordPress Post Tabs Pro Plugin. Also it is very easy to implement these widgets using the simple steps.

Creating Tabs using WordPress Post Tabs Pro Plugin:

Step 1]  In order to use the WordPress Post Tabs Pro plugin, one needs to download the zip file and add it to the plugin folders

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> WordPress Post Tabs Pro >> Activate

Ones the plugin is activated then one will find the Tabs Pro option in the admin panel and all the related settings can be done from here.

Step 2] Now go to:

Admin Panel >> Tabs PRO >> Add New Tabset >> (Enter the name  of the Tabset) >> Create


Step 2] It will open the Edit Tabset page where the tabs can be easily added from the Add tab option.  After the tabs are added, it will generate the short code and template tag from the Embed code that will be used to display it on the front end.

All the Settings related to the tabs can be easily done from the Settings tabs of the particular Tabset.

Following these simple steps one is able to add the tabs for their website. Even the person with no technical knowledge can easily add the tabs .

Showing Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Categories inside a Widget area:

One can easily add the tabs for their website using the WordPress Post Tabs Pro Plugin. Besides this one is also able to show the Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Categories for the Tabs using the Widget area. There is a widgetized area that will show the available widgets and the widgets that are inactive. One can simply choose the available widgets and place them to the placeholder. The steps for the showing the Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Categories inside a Widget area is as given below:

Step 1] After adding the tabs by following the above steps go to Appearance >> Widgets

Step 2] It will list out all the widgets that are available and below this it will list out all the Inactive widgets.  It consists of Widget Area along with the Tabs Pro Placeholder where the widgets can be easily dragged and dropped to the Placeholder.


Step 3] One can easily select the categories and the recent posts from the available widgets and easily drag them to Tabs Pro Placeholder.

NOTE:  Popular Posts option will appear for the available widgets according to the themes that is activated or if there is any third party plugin that is activated. It can be easily dragged and dropped to the Placeholder for the tabs.

Thus using this Tabs PRO Placeholder one can easily use various available widgets to be displayed on the front end. It allows the user to change the design and functionality easily in no time by just dragging and dropping the widgets.

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