WordPress Post Tabs PRO 1.0.2 released

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Today, we have released an update for the PRO version of WordPress Post Tabs plugin. The latest version v1.0.2 is having important fixes like fix for update notification issue, Left/Right alignment of tab issue in Google Chrome, Fix for Google Maps embed code and much more. Please read the details as below,

1. Update Notification Fix – Post Tabs PRO users were seeing the ‘Update Notification” for the plugin even using the latest version of the same. The notification was creating so much confusion. In this version, we have fixed that bug in our update notification system as well as in the plugin code.

2. Google Maps Embed a Place Issue  – Google Maps and jQuery Tabs are having issues which is very well known between the web developers. The issue was such that when you embed a Maps inside a non-active tab (hidden one), the positioning will not appear correct. It means if you highlighted New York city in the map and embed the same, the map inside the tab content will not show exactly New York in the centre.  We have fixed this issue in this update but to embed the map in correct way, you need to make a very simple change in the Google Maps IFRAME embed code.

3. Left/Right Alignment of Tabs (Chrome Issue) – We have provided an option to place the tab navigation on left side or right side of the content (apart from top and bottom). The left/right placement was not appearing properly in Google Chrome browser. We have made few changes in the stylesheet of the plugin to fix this issue.

4. Enable WP Post Tabs PRO Feature” box not appearing on Custom Post Type – The box is now visible if the option “Disable loading resources on posts/pages” are checked on the Post Tabs PRO settings page.

5. Secured URL i.e. HTTPS causing issue – Now we have fixed the bug and the tabs will work just fine even if you are using secured URL on your domain.

Apart from the above updates, we have also made changes to retain the color and styling of Anchor Tags inside the tab content from the installed Theme template.

How to update to WP Post Tabs PRO v1.0.2

Automatic update is not yet implemented for TabberVilla product and that’s why you need to manually update the plugin to its latest version. Download the latest .zip copy of the plugin using the same old download link available in the receipt (check your inbox) Or visit “My Downloads” page to download the plugin. Unzip the folder and upload/overwrite that to ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder on hosting server. Deactivate the plugin and re-activate the same.

Please let me know your thoughts about this update. Your feedback is very important for us.

Thanks for using a TabberVilla product.


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