Version 1.6 (08/20/2014)

1. New – Set cookie for last active tab.
2. Fix – Reload on click will scroll page to top of tabs not to content.
3. Fix – Debug errors.

Version 1.5.1 (06/04/2014)

1. New – Option to choose between prettytitle or default title

Version 1.5 (05/28/2014)

1. New – Added new skin ‘Simple Gray’
2. New – Tab title instead of #tab_number in URL
3. Fix – Better admin panel
4. Fix – No ‘wp post tabs’ link by default
5. Fix – Debug notifications

Version 1.4.1 (04/24/2014)

1. Fix: Quicktag to insert tab shortcode not working in WordPress 3.9 Post Editor

Version 1.4 (01/08/2013)

1. New – Quick Tag to insert tabs shortcode in content area
2. New – Assign external links to the tabs
3. New – Option to open links in new window or the same window of browser
4. New – A new shortcode attribute active=’1′ can be used for the wptab (individual tab) shortcode. So you can specify which tab is active by default.
5. Fix – FOUC function
6. Fix – Alignment and CSS fix for multiple rows tabs

Version 1.3.1 (08/02/2011)

1. Fix – For some installations, tabs were not working in case the Post/Page ID was changed in footer due to custom WP Query. Fixed this issue, so that the tabs JS will pick correct tab ID in all cases.
2. Fix – Tabs were trimmed off in RSS feed in case full post text is chosen to be displayed in the RSS feeds. Corrected the issue. Thanks Michael who brought it forward.
3. Fix – An extra space used to appear before the content in the tab in some cases due to empty p tags (WordPress autop formatter). Fixed this issue.

Version 1.3 (02/25/2011)

1. Fix – Settings page link was not working on Plugins admin page on dashboard.
2. New – You can now add ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ links or buttons to the tabset
3. New – Now tabs in the post can be displayed on the home, index or the category or date archive pages
4. New – Option to disable tab cookies in the browser of the user that remembers which tab was last opened by the visitor
5. New – Option to disable FOUC (Flash Of Unstyled Content) before the page/document loads completely

Version 1.2 (01/28/2011)

1. Major Fix – The tabs were breaking the post/page in preview or on multiple comments page (post/page permalink change).

Version 1.1 (11/02/2010)

1. New – Facility to select ‘Fade Effect’ for the tabs
2. New – Facility to disable the load of jquery on the page in case the active theme or some plugin already has it hardcoded in the header or footer. This would avoid the JS conflict.