3.1 (Release Date: 5’th July 2017)

  1. Fix: Long content not getting saved for Tabs on the Edit Tab panel

3.0.3 (Release Date: 10’th August 2015)

  1. Fix: The color picker in tabs studio was not working with WordPress version 4.5 +

3.0 (Release Date: 8’th July 2015)

  1. New – Easy Admin panel
  2. New – Added Live Preview on admin panel, Skin Studio tab
  3. New – Six CSS3 skins
  4. New – Create new tabset and show it using single shortcode or template tag
  5. New – Added option RTL Support
  6. New – Improve look of tabs in mobile devices
  7. New – Added three language files (Mexican, Spanish and Dutch)
  8. Fix – Multiple Google Maps embedded inside an inactive tab
  9. Fix – external tab color issue when we set it from skin styler

2.1.4 (Release Date: 10’th April 2015)

  1. New: Option – Disable Loader: Required in case some JS dependent content is put inside the tabs.

2.1.3 (Release Date: 2’nd March 2015)

  1. Fix: When the tab linked via another page (external link) is clicked, the page will scroll to the top of the tabs container and not to opened tabs content.
  2. New: Option – When the tab linked via another page (external link) is clicked, the tab will open but the user will see top of the page.

2.1.2 (11/03/2014)

  1. Fix: Tab location not working properly in case of Nested Tabs
  2. Fix: Nested tabs takes styling of parent tab in case of nested tabs

Version 2.1.1 (09/25/2014)

  1. New: Added the shortcode [ tabcustom post_id= ’25’ ] for custom tab (remove spaces in the shortcode before embedding).
  2. Fix: Linking tabs using url

Version 2.1 (08/20/2014)

  1. New: Now you can create tabs from any widgets available on the Appearance => Widgets panel and you can show the tabs using Tabs Pro PH Widget
  2. New: Set cookie for last active tab (Option added)
  3. New: Collapse all tabs by default (Option added)
  4. New: Added loader when tabs are loading on site.
  5. New: Added loader on settings page.
  6. New: Moved inline tabs JS to separate Javascript file.
  7. Fix: When enabled, scroll to top will scroll till the tab wrapper div and not to the tab content beginning.

Version 2.0.1 (06/04/2014)

  1. New: Option to enable Pretty links for tab # on Settings Panel

Version 2.0 (05/27/2014)

  1. New – Skins Styler to customize tab colours
  2. New – Auto Rotation
  3. New – Show/Hide external link tab icon
  4. New – Export/Import settings set values
  5. New – Added new skins named Blocks, Sliding and Simple Gray
  6. New – Sliding skin to show tab panel as a slider
  7. New – Improved Admin Panel
  8. Fix – change the #tag in URL to #title
  9. Fix – Reducing Left – Right Tab panel width
  10. Fix – Debug notifications

Version 1.0.2 (05/29/2013)

  1. Fix – Update notification bug fixed
  2. Fix – ‘Enable WP Post Tabs PRO Feature’ meta-box now available on Custom Post Types as well
  3. Fix – Anchor tags (URL links) in the tabs content will take the color from the theme
  4. Fix – Google Maps offset issue in hidden tab
  5. Fix – HTTPS bug

Version 1.0.1 (01/16/2013)

1. New – Nested Tabs with multiple effects

2. Fix – Page Reload on Tab Click