WordPress Post Tabs Pro

WordPress Post Tabs PRO


WordPress Post Tabs PRO allows you to show content in tabs on a WordPress site. Apart from the basic tab system, this PRO version is having lot many advance features and pre-styled skins to create stylish tabbed content in no time. This content itself is inside a tab created using WordPress Post Tabs PRO only where you can see different type of content in the tabs provided above.Showing content in tab format is beneficial in so many terms. It allows you (the publisher) to provide more information in single readable page. As you know the visitors are more active when they are reading the content above the fold. By using tabs, you can utilize the ‘above the fold’ area at its max and allow your reader/visitors to get more information without scrolling much.With features like Nested Tabs, Scroll to Active, HTML including image in Tab title, Multiple Effects for tab content, External link in tab title, on-click and on-hover transition and many more, you can create an effective and stylish content area. Get this PRO tab plugin today and change the way how your content looks because small changes may make big difference.

This is a default WordPress Gallery attached inside the tab content by using [ gallery ] shortcode.

You can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other hosting sites by using the IFRAME code inside the tab content area of the shortcode. Resize the video by changing parameters in embed code and even can have texts beside the video by using proper HTML tags/CSS.

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I am ready, now take the picture.


Waiting for someone special.


I am a dog too. Just kidding!


Hey you, It really cold here.


Believe me, I am a responsible dog.


I am looking at you.

Slider is created with the Roster Slider WordPress plugin from SliderVilla.

First NameLast NameZipBirthdayPoints

Table is created with the TablePress plugin available in WordPress Plugin Repository for free.


Single Website License

[ Price: $9.00 ]

Multiple Website License
(Up to 10 sites)

[ Price: $25.00 ]

RequiresWordPress 3.0 or higher
Tested up toWordPress 3.6.1
Last updated on29'th May 2013
Price$9 (for single site license)

Documentation and Support
Highlighted Features
  • Intelligent Quicktag to get tabs in post/page content with full customization control
  • 9 different styles available on settings panel or through shortcode
  • Full responsive and 100% customization ready
  • Multiple Effects to choose from to load tab content
  • Option to load the page/post webpage on each tab click
  • Add External links including affiliate links in Tab and choose if you want to open them in new window or the same window
  • Template tag, widget and shortcode to embed tabs anywhere
  • Insert any content type including images, videos, links etc. in tab content area
  • Include WordPress default gallery and slideshow inside the tab content
  • Include designer sliders from SliderVilla inside the tab content
  • Best tabbing options to create CNET, PCWorld like Product Review page/post
  • 100% compatible with latest version of WordPress Setup
  • Dedicated Support Team to resolve your problem in less than 24 hours

Important Features in PRO




Transition and Effects


  • Blind
  • Bounce
  • Clip
  • Drop
  • Explode
  • Highlight
  • Fold
  • Pulsate
  • Fade
  • Shake
  • Scale
  • Slide
  • SlideDown

Note – You can also select from different Easing Effects to attach to any of the above transition effects.

Type of Content that can be added inside Tab Content

  1. Image Gallery
  2. Individual Images from WordPress Media Library
  3. YouTube, Vimeo or any other video format
  4. Any HTML/CSS custom work
  5. Text with any font family, size and style
  6. Listed and Ordered text or content
  7. Data in Tabular Form (Tables)
  8. You can add any type of data and design inside the tab content

Ways to embed the Tabber on the WordPress Site

  1. Quicktag
  2. Template Tags
  3. Shortcode
  4. Widget

Please refer the Usage Guide for more details.

Note: WordPress Post Tabs PRO is compatible with and tested on almost all the browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE7+), Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.

P.S. If you want any specific customization work for WordPress Post Tabs PRO or any other plugin purchased from us, we can provide a separate price quote for that as well.

Feel free to Contact us, we will try to respond to your query as soon as possible.